Matt Escobar

I personally have been networking for several years now and have attended several different types of organizations. Working with PRO Richmond has taught me to think outside the box and get away from traditional thinking. Traditional networking teaches you to make referrals and to stay only in your networking circle. PRO Richmond has taught me, among many other things, to give introductions. Introductions do not require me to recommend anyone or have a personal investment in either party. Instead if I simply introduce two people who I know, it puts the onus on them to take that introduction and run. In years past I was skeptical to make referrals unless I could absolutely guarantee their work which not only limits my ability to give but in turn would stop people from introducing me.
PRO Richmond members have taken a personal interest in seeing my business grow. They point out that a typical elevator speech is pointless As they would typically remind me, nobody cares if your speech is the same as everyone else in your industry. Instead they have taught me to develop a niche. If you ask for introductions to everyone, you get nothing. If you ask for something specific, chances are somebody can relate. And if people can relate they are much more willing to help you out.
Bottom line, PRO Richmond has been a major part of my successes. Walter is always willing to take the time to help you out. Whether that is taking a phone call, returning an email or meeting for lunch, he is always willing to help.