About PRO Richmond


Walter Cornett joined PRO in 2009 seeking help with his landscaping business. Soon he was moderating a team of his own, then starting new teams, which progressed to mentoring multiple teams and when the founder decided to take PRO statewide, he became the first area director. In 2014 a deal was struck and he became the owner of the first territorial market, PRO Richmond. This market includes the counties of Chesterfield, Henrico and Hanover and the city of Richmond.

During this process his landscaping company continued to grow and he became more and more passionate about “Networking” and being able to help others build, grow and manage their businesses and careers. Due much to the successes from networking, Walter sold his landscaping business in 2016 and spends the majority of his time meeting with members and prospective members, coaching them on the modern landscape of networking and growing PRO Richmond.

Growth & Expansion

Mike Short founded PRO to create something different and something that was MORE THAN NETWORKING. His passion for genuinely trying to help people is demonstrated in the philosophies and teachings of PRO. Currently Mike has taken the organization statewide with teams in the Williamsburg, Tidewater, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville and other areas throughout the state.